Denny’s Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

It’s a late night, and you’re starved! Where are you gonna go? Denny’s of course! Their doors are always open, even on holidays. It’s what helped make Denny’s an American past time right up there with baseball. Here is a list of four things you probably didn’t know about Denny’s.

They Named the Grand Slam After Hank Aaron

Denny’s showed their progressive nature by naming their signature Grand Slam meal after the African American baseball legend, Hank Aaron. It all started in 1977 at their Atlanta location. Hank Aaron played for the Atlanta Braves and destroyed Babe Ruth’s home run record of 714 at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium in 1974. Aaron was the recipient of racial hatred, slurs, and threats against his life after breaking the record. So, Denny’s taking the lead and offering up this gesture of good will and respect was a fine way to let the world know not all Americans were/are racist idiots.

Sold 2 Million Grand Slams in One Day

Holy calories batman! The Hank Aaron Special, or better known as the Grand Slam breakfast, once hit a plateau after a Super Bowl promotion. After Super Bowl XLIII, Denny’s offered to give away free Grand Slams between the hours of 6 AM and 2 PM. Two million hungry football lovers answered the call. The next year, they did it again, and another 2 million showed up. After that, they discontinued the promotion. They didn’t say why, but it’s a fair guess that it was hurting the bank quite a bit to give away all that good food.

Did You Notice Denny’s Cameo in Breaking Bad?

The meth king, Walter White, was a regular at Denny’s. You may remember the scene near the end of season five where Walt celebrates his depressing 52nd birthday. He was eating some bacon, and wallowing in self-pity at a Denny’s! That’s not the only time Denny’s scored a cameo appearance on Breaking Bad. Remember the time Walt and Jessie witnessed a man’s throat being cut by Gus Fring in the meth lab? Well, after that happened, Walt and Jessie grabbed some food at their local Denny’s. Breaking Bad got praise for their unique product placement skills by Forbes. Denny’s was just one a few other lucky companies to get a prime spot!

Denny’s Didn’t Have Door Locks till 1988

Holy break-in Batman! OK, that’s getting old. Sorry. But, hey, it’s true. Denny’s didn’t bother adding locks to their doors till 1988. Most stores either didn’t have locks at all, while others had lost their keys decades ago. So, on Christmas 1988, they closed most of their stores nationwide and installed locks.

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