Heading Down South? Eat Gator Nuggets!

Oh… the glories of the South—Confederate flags, repressed racism, sweet tea, oh, and of course, gator nuggets! OK, maybe associating the South with racism unjustly targets the majority of good folks down there. For that, accept an utmost and sincere apology. On a serious and delicious note, gator nuggets are quite the fried treat. Here’s a rundown of why you better eat some gator meat, breaded in nugget form, the next time you visit a southern state.

Not Great for Cholesterol, But Oh So Yummy N the Tummy

Purses, boots, hats, even underwear, claim the lives of alligators and adorn the bodies of good ole boys and gals. But, Gators also feel the belly of not only locals but vacationers and interested travelers from all over the globe. Gator nuggets get breaded with any number of bayou flavors, depending on where you buy them. If you visit Louisiana, check out Gator Cove, and enjoy their many gator dishes, including nuggets. Louisiana may claim the title of King of Gator Nuggets, but South Carolina, especially a Cajun joint in Murrells Inlet called Flo’s Place, serves hand breaded gator nuggets that rock your socks off and have you screaming hallelujah. If Louisiana is the king, then Florida is the another rival kingdom (you bet the residents of Florida consider themselves the Kings of Gator! Go Gators!). With about 1.5 million alligators, the eatin’ is good. Check out Gator’s Dockside; they have many locations throughout Florida.

You Hate the South? Never Visit? No Problem!

Hey now, never hate until you try them out. But, if traveling to the South isn’t your cup of tea, online ordering makes getting your own gator nuggets simple and fast. They come pre-breaded with Cajun flavor. Just drop them in the deep fryer, and get ready to chow down. The folks over at crawfish, sell a highly rated 1lb bag of gator nuggets for 16.99. Or Cajun Grocer carries gator nuggets for around the same price, with a few added deals to choose from. Want to throw a gator nugget party? Want to stock up and save some cash? Then Sam’s Club offers an 8lb bag of pre-breaded gator nuggets ($120) you can store and cook when wanted.

Make Your Own Gator Nuggets

If you work well in a kitchen and enjoy putting together interesting dishes, then one of the many Gator nugget recipes makes creating an authentic Cajun dish a breeze. The Food Network lays down an easy to follow recipe that uses a 1/2 pound of alligator meat, cut into 1/2-inch cubes. The fish batter for coating. Cooking oil for frying. Toss in some salt and freshly ground pepper, along with some dipping sauces such as mustard, cocktail, or remoulade. So, invite some friends over, and serve them up some Cajun fun. Gator nuggets are tasty, unique, and a sure fire way to start up a fun conversation, especially with those who never thought of eating alligator meat before.


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