Publix Bakery and Publix Deli is your one stop shop for fresh, high-quality food. Does your sweet tooth crave a dessert? Or maybe you need something hand-crafted for a special event? With baguettes and rolls baked fresh every day, cakes hand-decorated by our skilled cooks, and other decadent desserts, Publix Bakery stresses fresh ingredients in their bakery products. Publix Bakery menu has a bevy of great, delicious items including coffee cakes, decorated cakes, pastries, pies, bagels, cookies, and bakery platters. Whether you need to satisfy a big event with a number of people or just buy something for your own pleasure, Publix Bakery has the diverse, scrumptious menu to suit your desires. Publix deli, on the other hand, serves juicy, steaming fresh food such as subs, sliced meats, and service meats. Publix Deli items are perfect for family dinners and gatherings. Items on the deli menu include fried chicken, subs & sandwiches, platters & boxed meals, soups, as well as sides such as service cheese, dips, sauces, olives, and pickles. All choices are excellent, filling, and great in texture and taste. Publix Bakery and Publix Deli churns out excellent products, has great service, and even better employees who handle your food with great care and love.

Food ItemPrice



Assorted Danish Platter 18-Count
A platter of assorted classic Danish pastries is a surefire crowd-pleaser.
Mini Croissants and Bagelettes Platter Large 40-Count
Mini Croissants and Bagelettes with Cream Cheese. Buttery little croissants and miniature bagels served with cream cheese: sure to be well received by any group.
Petit Fours Platter
An elegant pastel rainbow of miniature cakes. Each bite-size cake is layered with creme filling, iced and intricately decorated.
Small 18-Count$14.99
Medium 33-Count$23.99
Large 57-Count$36.99
Decadent Dessert Platter
Continental flavor and flair, with miniature cream puffs, éclairs, and cakes.
Small 21-Count$14.99
Medium 28-Count$26.99
Large 47-Count$40.99
European Specialties Platter
Miniature cannoli, cream puffs, and éclairs, and chocolate-covered strawberries.
Small 21-Count$23.99
Medium 30-Count$30.99
Assorted Donut Holes Platter
A real crowd-pleaser. Includes plain donut holes, as well as powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and glazed.
Medium 72-Count$14.99
Large 120-Count$20.99
Brownie Bites Bon Bon Platter
Moist and rich mini chocolate brownies, individually decorated with buttercream frosting and real fruit toppings.
Medium 24-Count$25.99
Large 37-Count$37.99
Brownie Bites Platter
Moist and rich mini chocolate brownies, individually decorated with buttercream frosting and real fruit toppings.
Small 15-Count$14.99
Medium 24-Count$24.99
Large 36-Count$36.99
Brownie Platter
Brownies! Who can resist rich, fudgy chocolate brownies from the Publix Bakery? Here they bring together three favorites: plain, walnut cream cheese, and walnut fudge.
Medium 24-Count$16.99
Large 45-Count$24.99
Combo Breakfast Platter
Something for everyone. A variety of donut holes: plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, and glazed. Blueberry, lemon poppy seed, and orange muffins. And six kinds of scones: plain, sugar, and glazed in both blueberry and cranberry-orange varieties.
Medium 63-Count$18.99
Large 104-Count$27.99
Fudge Assorted Platter
An assortment of fudge, made from scratch! Choose from: Plain, Pecan, Rocky Road, or Peanut Butter
Small 20-Count$17.99
Medium 33-Count$23.99
Gourmet Cookie Platter
A delicious array with something for everyone. Calypso Crunch and three kinds of cookie bites: Chunky Chocolate Chipper, Macadamia,Calypso Crunch and Triple Ripple.
Medium 48-Count$16.99
Large 96-Count$30.99
Loaf Cake Platter
Your choice of a flavored sliced loaf cake. Choose from Butter Pound, Banana Walnut, Sour Cream Pound or Cranberry Pecan. Served with your choice of strawberry-, lemon-, or toasted walnut-flavored cream cheese spreads. Holiday Spice or Pumpkin loaf available during holiday peridos only, check with your local store for availability.
Small 14-Count$8.99
Medium 28-Count$12.99
Large 56-Count$20.99
Mini Muffin Platter
Delicious little treats in a variety of flavors. orange, lemon poppy seed, and blueberry.
Medium 48-Count$18.99
Large 84-Count$27.99
Mini Scones Platter
Delicious little treats in a variety of flavors. Both blueberry and cranberry-orange three different ways: plain, sugar, and glazed.
Medium 32-Count$16.99
Large 64-Count$26.99
Mini Turnover Platter
Real fruit defines each of the two delicious varieties on this platter: apple and cherry.
Medium 18-Count$16.99
Large 34-Count$30.99
Pastry Bites Platter
Each of these little pastries is uniquely delicious. Your guests will love them all: cheese, apple, raspberry, and strawberry/cheese. Guava and guava cheese available in some locations. Check with your local store for these varieties.
Medium 36-Count$14.99
Large 72-Count$20.99



Caramel Pecan Crunch Cake
Your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake, each of the four layers is filled with caramel icing with crushed toasted pecans sprinkled between. The entire cake is then iced with caramel buttercream icing and the sides are covered with crushed toasted pecans. The cake is topped with caramel buttercream rosettes and dark chocolate pieces.
Carrot Torte Cake
Four moist layers of delectable carrot cake separated by luscious cream cheese icing. The same irresistible icing covers the entire torte, which is elegantly garnished with chocolate piping, buttercream carrots, and pecans. Serving ware shown not included.
Cassata Torte
Beneath a cloud of vanilla whipped topping lie three layers of rum-flavored vanilla cake, luscious chocolate rum filling, and cannoli cream. For dramatic decoration, the sides are coated with toasted almonds, and the top is embellished by a chocolate-dipped cannoli.
Chantilly Cake$24.99

Publix super markets is an aptly named chain of supermarkets because it is an employee-owned organization. It is based in Lakeland, Florida and now has stores all over southeastern Unites States. It now has a total of more than 2000 stores mainly located in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Alabama.

Publix was founded by George Jenkins way back in 1930 as a private corporation wholly owned by its employees. It actually made it to the list of Forbes as the 81st best companies to work for this year. It is also one of the largest private companies in the US today (ranked 8th) with a total sales of more than $30 billion in 2014. It also made the top ten of the Forbes top retailers list ranking 5th. The company is very successful in its industry and this is good news for its employees because today the company stocks are worth $42 per share, open only for purchase to employees and Board of Directors.

The Publix Deli and Publix Bakery

The Publix deli is the company’s foray into selling good food minus compromises in quality and taste. Thanks to the company’s experience in retail its deli is doing very well in serving the brand’s dedicated deli market base in the south. The Publix deli also works well for the company because of the complimentary services it provides its customers like its special order service where they stock hard to find food products. This can help customers find what they are looking for, even items only available to competitors of Publix. At Publix deli outlets it is possible to find organic meats, items only found in health food stores, organic fruits and vegetables even vegan and vegetarian items. The Publix deli is simply a one stop shop for all your food needs.

Publix deli convenience

It is impossible to prepare food at home all the time no matter how you love your kitchen and how passionate you are about cooking. Sometimes you have to succumb to the realities of life like having not enough time to make dinner for the family. It is at this point that Publix deli can help. There are veggie or potato salads in the deli counter, some freshly made sandwiches for those hit and run purchases for lunch, and if you fancy making your own sandwich there is also a cold cut meat section and a wide assortment of fresh cheeses at your disposal. There are dressings and toppings from vegetables to fruits, even bacon. There is nothing you cannot find in a Publix deli for a great tasting meal.

If you have some guests at home or you need to host an impromptu family gathering at your apartment then picking a party platter on your way home is your lifeline for a night of good food and wonderful conversations. You do not have to stress about what to feed people. Before driving home, browse through the platter offerings of Publix deli, make your order before you drive home so that it will all be ready when you come pick it up. The convenience of the deli service at Publix is a heaven sent.

You can also pick up some fried chicken at the deli and order some sides while you are at it. You can have a decent meal with the family without breaking a sweat. Why buy at a deli for dinner? Because you can be sure of the quality and taste of the food – chicken is well flavored and never greasy, and the oven cooked chicken is juicy, made with the same commitment to taste as how you would do it for your family.

Publix deli and an elevated shopping experience

Publix deli is a place to buy quality and tasteful food but it does not stop there. Because the deli is accessible online you can also tap into the other services of the whole Publix super market. You can source the best bread in town for your sandwich recipe and at the same time buy healthy garnishing for it. You can add some cheeses on your purchase and maybe fetch some drinks too – beer, wine, soda. Name it and you can be sure Publix has it. Food preparation is simplified with Publix deli.


Xavier Johnson We have ordered a cake for our wedding, cupcakes and a big round cake. They both were delicious and decoration was wonderful. We would recommend Publix for everyone who wants to make an event special and unforgettable. Andrew Hall Publix was serving my wedding. The cake was perfect, we got exactly what we ordered. Everything was delivered in time at my place settled in the order form. Nice service. Jacques Archibald My cake was great too. I have ordered it beforehand, so I had no troubles with delivery. The decoration was just like on the picture, the taste was magnificent. I will use them again.