Souplantation Menu Prices

Souplantation (also know as SweetTomatos outside of California) is an all you can eat soup buffet that uses fresh produce and vegetables that come from local farmers. They started as just an idea two surfers came up with, and now have over one hundred stores nationwide. It had some bankruptcy issues, but so far has been able to overcome and continue to expand their business model. They offer a variety of delicious soups, along with a catering service that is quite popular. They pride themselves in not buying frozen, corporate produced produce. It’s a healthy model, and if they can keep their finances balanced, Souplantation could have a solid future with the healthy food movement that the American people are growing more and more fond of.

Below is the latest Souplantation menu with prices, please be aware that the prices & availability may vary by location. Contact your local Souplantation for their official Soupplantation menu and prices.*


Salad, Soup & More

Lunch (11am-4pm)Per Person$9.59
Dinner (4pm-Close)Per Person$11.59
Sunday Breakfast (9am-12pm)Per Person$9.99
Weekend Lunch (11am-4pm)Per Person$9.99

Kids Meal

Ages 7-12Per Person$5.99
Ages 3-6Per Person$3.49
Ages 2 and YoungerPer Person$0.00

Drink Up

Free refills. Mix & match. Hot & cold.

RegularPer Person$2.49
LargePer Person$2.99

A Little History

In 1978, the first Souplantation opened in San Diego on Mission Gorge Road. According to their website, the idea was created by two surfers who thought it would be “gnarly” if a restaurant used only fresh produce to create soups. In 1983, the business was bought by Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. Since then, Souplantation has expanded to over 100 locations, including a large chain in Florida. In 2005, the company was bought out again by Sun Capital Partners. In 2016, the chain had to declare bankruptcy but has since begun a recovery. Currently, there are at least one hundred four restaurants operating under both the Souplantation and the Sweet Tomatoes names.

Souplantation Menu

Only the Los Angeles headquarters has a breakfast menu. For the rest of the chain, lunch and dinner consist of a buffet style serving format. Patrons choose what they want to eat, and get to prepare their own unique dishes with the available choices. They have vegan-friendly meals, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. For those looking for a healthy, fresh choice, this restaurant is a wonderful option. For example, vegetarians can choose from dishes, such as Wonton Happiness, Whole Grain Fiesta Couscous, Zesty Tortellini Salad, Broccoli Cheese Soup, Classic Mac, Lemon Greek Cavatappi, Garden Fresh Marinara with Spaghetti, Wildly Blue Blueberry Muffins, Buttermilk Cornbread, Brownie Bites, Gluten Friendly Coconut Muffin, Strawberry Muffin, Cheesy Garlic Focaccia, and strawberry apple cobbler, among many others. They also offer catering a catering menu. Items include: The Large Party Platter, which has twenty-half wraps—choose from tantalizing tuna, curry chicken, and very vegetarian. You can also choose the Small Party Platter, which is ten-half wraps, instead of twenty. There is also wrap lunch boxes that can be purchased individually, which comes with chips, water, and one of the wraps mentioned above. You can also order the wraps individually, and they cost about eight dollars.

Souplantation Is Well Known For…

Fresh, straight from the farm food! It’s the best part about their business model. They only buy from local farms, so some of their menu options are seasonal and dependent on the region. They are known for their selections of soups, which are all you can eat for one set price. If this company can keep out of legal and monetary trouble, they should have a long future in the American market.

Souplantation Menu Prices

To learn more about Souplantation or to find a Souplantation location near you, visit their website at For a complete list of all restaurant menus, click here.

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