Top Four Pizza Joints in New York City

Gator nuggets rule the South, pizza pies rule the North. OK, that’s simplifying, but you get the drift. New York conjures images of glitz, glamor, mobsters, and you guessed it, pizza! Pizza wins just about any food popularity contest, regardless of continental region. Pizza defies politics, comes in the simplest of ways, and in some complicated and expensive recipes. But, NY holds the mantle for best pizza, and if you don’t believe it, here’s a list of four NY pizza restaurants handed picked by world renowned chefs.

Di Fara Pizza

Di Fara’s pizza isn’t in the most convenient location and keeps a low key atmosphere—no frills, no shrills. It’s owned and operated by Domenico DeMarco, who’s been busting butt in the NY pizza industry since the 1960s. The traditional NY pepperoni, topped with tomato sauce, salty cheeses, and a little oil, costs around 34 dollars. That’s not cheap when compared with mass commercial joints (think Little Caesar’s 5 dollars option, though, in reality, it’s always more like 5.99), but Di Fara’s level of quality brings people back time and time again.

Franny’s Pizza

Brooklyn’s Franny’s Pizza is a local favorite, and any visitor should venture to.  Famous chef, Johnathan Waxman said: “I just love it. Franny’s pies are not too thin, nor too thick. Not too big, nor too small. In a way, the pizzas remind me of Nancy Silverton’s: light, crisp crust that’s perfectly charred with just the right amount of flavorful toppings.” It’s owned by Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens, who go out of their way to find fresh, quality seasonal sources for their ingredients. One of the local favorites is the tomato, with sausage, cow’s milk mozzarella, or fior di latte, which costs about 22 dollars.

Joe’s Pizza

New York has loved Joe’s Pizza since 1975. Most folks come in for huge, stomach-filling slices. One plain slice costs about 2.75, while a pepperoni slice runs about 3.50. You can toss on differing spices, like oregano, or powdered garlic, and turn it into a quintessential NY pizza slice. Some New Yorkers say a slice of Joe’s Pizza takes them back to their childhood. And, even the popular sushi chef, Daisuke Nakazawa, says “I like Joe’s because the crust is so thin”, and said he enjoys grabbing a slice on his way to work.

Kesté Pizza

Are you looking for a great pizza at an unbeatable price? Kesté Pizza offers tasty pies at great prices. For around 13 dollars, you can get prized wood oven baked Neapolitan pizza. The famed chef, Alain Ducasse, explained the process which Kesté cooks their pies: “Pizzaiolo Caporuscio forms and punches dough, tops it with San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella—the classic!— and fires quickly in a wood-fired oven built by experts from Naples. Charred with desirable air pockets, this pizza proves that perfection can be found in simplicity and it’s a New York City favorite.” Conveniently located across the street from Joe’s Pizza (mentioned above), this is a go-to for many tourists visiting the Big Apple.

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