Waffle House Menu

Waffle House was born sixty years ago, during the 1950s. Since then it’s become an American icon, and can be found in just about every city and state. Good Fast Food is their motto and has been one of the main attractions since its inception. They cook the food “short order” style, right in front of the customers. They serve a variety of dishes, such as waffles, bagels, steak, and eggs. It’s a friendly environment that harkens back to the middle of the 20th century, with waitresses at the ready, and a narrow rectangular building design that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Below is the latest Waffle House menu with prices, please be aware that the prices & availability may vary by location. Contact your local Waffle House for their official Waffle House menu and prices.*


Breakfast Favorites

All-Star Special$7.00
All-Star Special w/ Large Hashbrowns$7.50
Texas Bacon or Sausage, Egg & Cheese Melt with Hashbrowns$6.60
Cheese 'N Eggs with Bacon, Sausage, or City Ham$7.00
Hashbrown Bowl$7.00
Steak & Eggs$8.85

A Little History

In the 1950s, Joe Rogers, Sr. and Tom Forkner were neighbors, one working for a national food chain, the other as a local real estate agent. The idea of a co-owned restaurant that focused on customer service and employee relations, just as much as it did on great food, was born on Labor Day 1955, in the Atlanta suburb Avondale Estates. Although they had no plans of creating another restaurant, by 1957, the popularity of the first Waffle House paved the way for a second unit. By the early sixties, there were four units, and the momentum kept building into the mega-chain that exists today.

Waffle House Menu

With breakfast and dinner served twenty-four hours a day, it’s no wonder the Waffle House is so beloved. From the traditional waffle to pancakes, T-bone steak, and a host of other dishes, the Waffle House menu is the go-to choice for millions of Americans. For example, the All-Star Special comes with eggs, a waffle, your choice of bacon, city ham, or sausage, coffee, toast, and grits. If you’re in the mood for some dinner, then the steak meal is a great option. It comes with a T-bone steak, hash browns, garden salad, and toast. Other great dinner options include the bacon BLT, the Texas bacon patty melt, Texas bacon cheesesteak melt, bacon cheeseburger deluxe, and the grilled chicken cheese deluxe, among others. Other delicious breakfast dishes include Texas bacon and sausage meat, steak and eggs, sausage biscuits, among many others. You can mix and match just about as much as you want, and there are a few specialty items like Bert’s Chili, Blue Berry biscuits, and Texas biscuits. Desserts include a variety of pies, such a chocolate crème, and key lime.

Waffle House Is Best Known For…

365 day, 24-hour breakfast, lunch, and dinner! All year round the Waffle House is there to meet your hunger’s needs. No matter what the time is, you can take comfort knowing there is a Waffle House waiting for you. It’s also well known for its fast service, and its small order cook. The cook prepares your food right behind the counter for all to see. A fun fact is that if you connected the amount of bacon that Waffle House serves every year it would wrap around the equator, a distance of twenty-five thousand miles. No matter if you’re a family, a hungry trucker, a high school football team, or a group of friends leaving the bar scene, Waffle House has what you’re looking for.

Waffle House Menu

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